Chairman’s Message

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Chairman’s Message

We have come a long way to where we are today. However there is still much more to be achieved in the years ahead. That is way we are ever ready for whatever challenges and opportunities that may arise. This state of readiness and foresight will be an asset to your organization as we serve to provide effective and innovative solution to all your shipping needs. Every business needs a supportive and reliable partner who is willing to grow with you. That’s what we are here to do – to give your business the competitive edge.

General Maritime (Pvt.) Ltd. was established over 22 years ago, and we have encountered numerous trials and hardships during the process of Pakistan’s reform. In keeping pace with the tremendous development of the country, GML has always thrived on the road of dedication to the country. All the while I’ve always firmly believed that “Sincerity” and “Credibility” is the greatest asset of an individual and an enterprise.

Our team provides solutions, the way our clients and association want us to work, which has proved to be customer-centric approach acclaimed by all our valuable customers and partners. GML motto has always been to align itself fully with customer’s objectives and our strategy driven proactive team remains at their disposal to help them. We are, indeed. Proud of our highly motivated team that sets us apart and unmatched by any other competitor.

Cooperation and win-win strategies are the subject of the current business world. Hence, we always embrace the spirit of cooperation, development and value creation. With our integrity and sincerity, we are looking for cooperation with new and old friends from home and abroad.

Together we will create value, share benefits, and seek development for a better future.